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Over 35 consecutive years of Community Theater

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Vermont Playwrights Award 2016
Submissions by Feb. 1

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Cabin Fever Follies

Thursday, Feb. 18 6:30-7-30
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“The Great American Trailer 
Park Musical” Auditions

March 16 and 19th Auditions for The Great American Trailer Park Musical which is a two-act musical, written by David Nehls and Betsy Kelso. It explores the relationships between the tenants at the Armadillo Acres Trailer Park in Florida, particularly between Pippi, "the stripper on the run," the Dr. Phil-loving agoraphobic Jeannie, and Jeannie's tollbooth-collector husband Norbert. 

·        Musical numbers include:   “This Side of the Tracks”, “The Buck Stops Here”, “The Great American TV Show” and “Road Kill” just to name a few.

·        Show dates are the end of June beginning of July and will be directed by Shannon Sanborn, Musical direction by Daniel Bruce and Choreography by Taryn Noelle.

·        Don't miss out!


The Valley Players hosts A.R. Gurney's

on February 14 @ 7:30 pm

at the Valley Players Theater
Admission is by donation for the benefit of the Valley Players

What a wonderful choice for a night celebrating VALENTINE'S DAY

This universal love story follows the life spans of its two characters through childhood, adolescence, high school, college, first loves, family life, and the passing of life. Melissa is an artist and Andy is a politician/lawyer. The bond that lasts their lifetime is what draws audiences to this performance everywhere.

Melissa is played by Mary Wheeler who is known for her performances in the Montpelier area.  Andy is played by Russ Longtin who has been a theatre professor, director, and actor for 45 years.

A note from the playwright, A.R. Gurney: This is a play, or rather a sort of a play, which needs no theatre, no lengthy rehearsal, no special set, no memorization of lines, and no commitment from its two actors beyond the night of performance.  It is designed simply to be read aloud by an actress of roughly the same age, sitting side by side at a table, in front of a group of people of any size.  The actor might wear a dark grey suit, the actress a simple, expensive-looking dress.  In a more formal production, the table and chairs might be reasonably elegant English antiques, and the actors area may be isolated against a dark background by bright, focused lights. In performance the piece would seem to work best if the actors didn't look at each other until the end, when Melissa might watch Andy as he reads his final letter.  They LISTEN eagerly and actively to each other all the way, however, much as we might listen to an urgent voice on a one-way radio, coming from far, far away.


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Winter 2016 KidsACT Classes

Starting January 14, KidsACT will offer a 5-week Theater Games class on Thursdays for those who like to play!

Students in grades 1-3 will meet from 3:00-4:00, and those in grades 4-6 will meet from 4:00-5:00. 

Games will include old favorites Parkbench, The Space Alien in the Everything Store, Hitchhiker, Make Your Own Commercial, and more… plus learn new games and challenge yourself to write your own play! 

Sign up for all 5 classes or drop in to just a few.

Tuition $40 for the entire session. Drop-Ins $10 per class.

Spring 2016 KidsACT Classes

Starting April 2, KidsACT students will learn singing, dancing and acting to present a one act musical. Some exciting titles under consideration include Suessical, Willy Wonka, and The Jungle Book!

Performance date: Weds. May 25 at 5:00pm.
Tuition: $125 for students in grades 1-3; $160 for students in grades 4-6 (longer classes)
$25 early registration discount if registered and paid by March 1. $10 sibling discount per child. Partial scholarships are available from the Valley Players.

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The Valley Players is in its thirty-fourth consecutive year of successful community  theater and we invite everyone to participate in our wide variety of activities. 

Look at our Valley Players Calendar,  for the upcoming events by the VP. For other public events happening in our theater click here or check out our Theater Calendar for when the theater is in use.

Every Labor Day Weekend join us at the  Mad River Valley Craft Fair, which we own.   

Read about the annual Vermont Playwrights Award, to encourage new plays.

Join us on stage with our community variety show, Cabin Fever Follies.  

Everyone can find activities to enjoy with this theater family  whether as volunteer or audience. 

And we enjoy supporting other theater programs and companies. Checkout our links page   

Let us know if you are interested in renting our wonderful theater space right on Rte 100.

Located in the beautiful Mad River Valley, there are many wonderful places to stay and play.

We are easy to find!

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